AquaInfo is part of and actually provides the English version of the same content. The websites combined have more than 800.000 visitors per year and over 2.000.000 page views. In the Netherlands it is one of the largest aquarium databases.

Because of the vast numbers of visitors and pageviews we can't host the website on a cheap shared hosting account. The websites are hosted on our own VPS server to provide you a fast and reliable website. In order to pay for this website we have sponsers on our Dutch website and for now we are showing Google adsense advertisements on the English version.

Specification of our costs:

  • VPS server rental:  € 720,- per year (For the techies amongs us: This website runs on a Managed VPS, 2 CPU's, 3 GB memory and 20 GB storage. The websites are around 920 MB each including data, database and images.
  • Domain names: € 26,- per jaar
  • Software Database: € 179,- per jaar 
  • Additional modules: +/- € 120,- per jaar 

In total this is more than € 1.000,-. In some cases we make additional costs for software or technical support. As you will understand we need sponsoring to keep this website up and running.



We are looking for a native English speaker to improve our texts. Please contact us if you can help out!