With more than 1,000,000 visitors annually and about 2,000,000 pages viewed, is one of the most visited aquarium sites of The Netherlands and is growing internationally on  The website provides a great platform to reach your target audience!

Ambitions wants to grow to be the website that offers the most and most reliable information for aquarium enthusiasts. The site is continuously updated and expanded with new articles, species profiles, images and videos to attract more and more visitors.

Why ads

The website now attracts so many visitors that it uses its own server. In addition, the site is built on software that is continuously updated. To finance these costs, we use Google Adsense and host our own advertising software.

Keeping this website up and running brings a lot of costs. Below you will find an overview of these costs.

  • Server rent: € 1,608 per year (The site runs on a Managed Server, 2 CPUs, 8 cores, 8 GB memory and 120 GB SSD storage.) The website itself is 2.3 GB This includes all data, database and images. The larger storage is meant for backups and testing).
  • Domain names: € 15 per year
  • Software and templates: +/- € 100 per year
  • Additional modules: +/- € 120 per year

In total, the costs for the site with only these components are well above € 1,800 per year. In some cases, additional costs are required by purchasing additional software or technical support. As you will understand, the advertisements are needed to cover these costs.

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