Amphiprion akallopisos – Skunk Clownfish

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Amphiprion akallopisos –  Skunk Clownfish

Amphiprion akallopisos or Skunk Clownfish by its common name, lives in symbiosis with a sea anemone. Usually they use Heteractis magnifica or Stichodactyla mertensi. They inhabit the shallow reefs on depths up to 15 meters with moderate to strong currents. One sea anemone can provide home to one adult female, one adult male and a couple of juvenile males. The male and female form a monogamous pair. If the female dies, the largest male will turn into a female. One of the juvenile males will grow out to be the adult male.


To protect their territory against intrudors, Amphiprion akallopisos not only attacks the intruder physically but also makes noise. This noise sounds like popping or chirping. In your aquarium you can sometimes hear them making these sounds.


Indian Ocean, Pacific, East Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles.

The Skunk Clownfish is not found at Maldives or Sri Lanka.





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Reproductive behaviour of the skunk Clownfish, Amphiprion akallopisos door Rory Dean Haschick

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