Galeocharax gulo

Galeocharax gulo is an active and predatory tetra species from Peru. They grow up to 25 cm in size, must be kept in a group and require lots of current.

Galeocharax gulo

Galeocharax gulo is a predatory tetra from Peru that grows to a maximum of 25 cm. The word Gealecharax is derived from the Greek words for shark and tetra. Gulo comes from the Greek word for a large weasel species. This betrays a number of character traits that are correct. They are predators that are equipped with long needle-shaped teeth, with which a caught fish has no chance of escaping.

The aquarium

Given the size and the swimming desire of the animals – which should preferably be kept in groups – a very large aquarium is needed. Since Galeocharax lives in fast-flowing rivers, current and clean water are required. The animals are peaceful towards fish that are larger than themselves. They are even somewhat timid, which means that they should not be placed with aggressive species.

Breeding Galeocharax gulo

Nothing is known about breeding Galeocharax in captivity.

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