Labeotropheus trewavasae – Scrapermouth Mbuna

Labeotropheus trewavasae, a clearly recognizable malawi cichlid with its downward facing mouth.

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Labeotropheus trewavasae – Scrapermouth Mbuna

Labeotropheus trewavasae or Scrapermouth Mbuna is a very recognizable cichlid. You cannot miss them with their wide, downward mouth and enlarged fleshy nose. This mouth and nose ensures that they can graze through the aufwuchs without too much effort. It is mainly found at the mouths of the rivers that flow into Malawi. Because of its body shape and downward facing mouth, it can scrape the rocks without being bothered by the current. The diet should therefore mainly consist of algae or spirulina flakes, interspersed with a little live or frozen food.

This species is not very tolerant to conspecifics, even the females can be very intolerant.

The labeotropheus trewavasae has several different color variants, depending on the location they are blue, yellow, orange, spotted (Orange Blotched or OB) or a combination of these colors. The OB females are fairly common, while the males usually have one color. OB males are very rare in the lake.



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