Middle course of Tung Chung River

A great biotope showcase without plants, specially designed for some Rhinogobius duospilus: Middle course of Tung Chung River.


Middle course of Tung Chung River
Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Middle course of Tung Chung River

Middle course of Tung Chung River

This aquarium reflects the Rhinogobius duospilus. Mainly driven by my passion for this species and the beauty of the biotope they inhabit. This aquarium is proof of the charm of an aquarium without plants.

The temperature of the water varies between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. pH is 7.5 and GH is 10.

The substrate consists of gravel and small rocks of different sizes. You can see a couple of larger rocks sticking out. All covered in algae.

I can write many pages of information about this biotope, but….for the once with interest in this biotope, I will leave it up to you to go out and do research yourself. The research is half the fun of setting up and maintaining an aquarium like this!

Length: 120 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 20 cm

Fish species

Rhinogobius duospilus:


This biotope aquarium does not have any plants, just algae.

Middle course of Tung Chung River

Middle course of Tung Chung River


The aquarium is filtered by 2 JBL Cristalprofi E1501 Greenline external filter. They produce a combined waterflow of around 2800 liters per hour. They create the current this species need in this natural biotope aquarium.

Lighting consists of one Juwel Helialux 1200, providing 6750 Lumen, enough for the algae to grow.

Aquarium, text, video and images: Ypoc


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