Betta foerschi

Betta foerschi is a Gourami that is best kept in a harem with one male and two females. They can be reproduced fairly easily.


Betta foerschi

Betta foerschi was described by Vierke in 1978. The species name foerschi is a reference to dr. Walter Foersch.


The type of specimen was caught at Mentaya; 250 km North West of Benjarmasin; Borneo.


Expected length approx. 70 mm TL; at least as large as Betta mandor and Betta strohi.

Keeping Betta foerschi

An aquarium with a length of 60 centimeter is enough for a male with two females. Keeping multiple males together is not advisable because they can fight viciously. A dense planting is a must.

They are found in the wild in wooded areas where they live in dark colored water; black water biotopes. The pH is quite low: below 4.8 with an almost immeasurable hardness. The measured water temperature is very high: between 27 ° -30 ° Celsius. However, it is strongly recommended that these be kept in captivity between 23 ° and 26 ° Celsius: this will certainly improve the life expectancy of Betta foerschi.

In terms of food a not too difficult species as long as it concerns frozen and live food. Adult Artemia and all types of mosquito larvae are more than accepted, and experimenting with other types of feed of comparable size is always worthwhile: for example Cyclops and Daphnia, somewhat smaller Mysis etc.

Breeding Betta foerschi

Mouthbrooders who are not difficult to breed. They deposit just above the bottom. During the encirclement, both animals sink to the bottom, after which the male swims out of the enclosure and starts collecting the eggs. When the female “recovers” from her rigid position, she helps looking for any remaining eggs on the bottom. Then she swims up and spits the eggs out in an upward direction. If the male is not at the same height, she takes them back in her mouth to try again, until the male has taken them over. Don’t confuse this with the famous Betta ball game; that is very different.

After mating, the male withdraws under the surface, preferably in a dark place between the plants. After ten days the man releases the fry. You can start feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp immediately.


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