Betta hipposideros

Betta hipposideros is an easy-to-keep species that is best kept in a group of at least 5 to 6 specimens. They are mouthbrooders.


Betta hipposideros

Betta hipposideros gets its name (from Latin) from the horseshoe-shaped symbols on the throat.


The type specimen originates from Selangor; Malaysia. Other locations where this species is found are Perak; Malaysia and Riau; Sumatra.


Betta hipposideros can reach a total length of around 90 mm.

Keeping Betta hipposideros

Betta hipposideros is easy to keep; a 60 cm aquarium is enough for a small group (5-6 specimens). They live in the same area as Betta livida, water parameters and aquarium decoration are therefore the same.

They prefer a dark aquarium in a dark place. It is highly advisable to fill the aquarium with plants that do not need much light. A few centimeters of water is enough. It does not have to be a large aquarium as long as there are enough places to hide.

The water composition also plays a very important role in this species and water changes must take place once every two weeks, with 10% being refreshed. The species performs well under the following conditions: pH 3.5 – 3.7, soft water and a temperature between 22 ° – 26 ° C. But a pH of 5 is also fine and also occurs in the natural biotope, depending on the season.


This species is omnivorous. You can feed them flakes, live and frozen food. They will eat almost anything. It is easy to overfeed them as they will keep eating.

Breeding Betta hipposideros

Successfully propagated several times in Malaysia; mating proceeds like that of related species, as does the rearing of the fry. It is not difficult to breed these mouthbrooders.


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