Betta miniopinna

Betta miniopinna owes its name to the striking red pelvic fins. This Betta species only reaches a length of 4 centimeters.

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Betta miniopinna

Betta miniopinna was officially described in 1994 by Tan and Tan. The species name miniopinna comes from Latin; minius, which means red and pinna, which means fins, allusion to the red ventral fins.

They can reach a total length of around 4 centimeters.


Terra typica comes from Tanjong Bintan; Indonesia. They also occur near Bangka, near Pasir Segiling; Indonesia.

Keeping Betta miniopinna

Betta miniopinna occurs in peat bogs with a pH of 4.9, 5.8 to 6.5 has also been measured. This species is aggressive, there are wild caught male game males that were extremely aggressive, so it is advisable to choose the tank mates with care. For 2 pairs of Betta miniopinna, an aquarium with the dimensions 60 x 20 x 20 centimeters is sufficient. The design of the aquarium plays an important role; a very dense planting, in order to create enough hiding places, is strongly recommended. The water values of the natural habitat must be simulated in the tank for optimum care.

Breeding Betta miniopinna

This little black Betta should be easier to reproduce than Betta persephone. To encourage Betta miniopinna to reproduce, an aquarium as described is fine. This species is a bubblenester who likes to build the nest under floating plants. The reproduction proceeds like that of Betta persephone.


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