Betta ocellata

Betta ocellata is best kept as a pair in an aquarium that is decorated with wood, roots and plants to create hiding places.


Betta ocellata

Betta ocellata was described in 1933 by De Beaufort. Ocellata is Latin for dots, which refers to the ever-present dot at the bottom of the body at the start of the tail.

The Aquarium

Betta ocellata is best kept as a pair in an aquarium that is decorated with plenty of bogwood, roots and plants to create hiding places. Muted lighting by means of floating plants and a dark substrate are greatly appreciated. A not too strong current is also recommended. In a larger aquarium they can be kept in a small group.


Asia; Indonesia and Malaysia.


They are omnivores. You can feed them a variety of small live and / or frozen food. Dry food is also accepted after habituation.

Breeding Betta ocellata

Breeding of Betta ocellata is possible under the right conditions in a separate breeding aquarium. After being deposited, eggs are fertilized and taken into the mouth by the male. After this the female must be removed and the male must be left alone. After 12 to 17 days the fry are released by the male and are then about 6 to 7 mm long. The male must be removed as soon as they swim freely. The fry can be raised with newly hatched brine shrimp and later other small foods.



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