Blog Categories

To make it easier to find the right aquarium article we have created different categories. Below you will find a list of those categories and the number of articles in that subject.

Aquarium Photography

Tips, tricks and information!

Aquarium photography can be challenging. Low light, moving objects, reflections….with some the tips in our articles you can improve your aquarium photography skills.


Miscellaneous articles

Aquarium articles cover a wide range of subjects. All articles not covered in one of the general topics are gathered in this category.


Articles for the beginning hobbyist

This category contains articles for the beginning aquarist. More information about setup, lighting, filtration etc.


The habitats of our fish

This category shows articles that tell you more about the habitat of the fish species we keep. Origin, water parameters and specifics.

Breeding Reports

Breeding difficult? Get ideas from these articles!

What could be more fun than breeding fish yourself? Or read about how others breed their fish. Some varieties are very easy to breed, others very difficult. Read the experiences of other hobbyist breeders in these articles and get ideas!.