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New Species: Brachychalcinus reisi

A new species has been described in the Characidae family, sub-familiy Stethaprioninae: Brachychalcinus reisi. They originate from the tributaries of Rio Curuá in Brasil.

Corydoras hephaestus

New species: Corydoras hephaestus

Corydoras hephaestus was only discovered in 2014 and described in 2017. A beautiful Corydoras species with a black body and red dorsal and caudal fin.

New species: Channa shingon

New description of a dwarf Channa: Channa shingon. Named after a mythological figure from Myanmar.

Chromobotia macracanthus - Clown Loach

Clown Loaches

Clown loaches are very popular aquarium fish; however they are not always easy to keep successfully since they easily succumb to ick and are sensitive to poor water conditions. This article is intended to help new clown loach owners provide a good home for their loaches

Bio Co2 in aquarium


CO2 is perhaps the most important nutrient in a planted aquarium. Shops offer Co2 kits that can be very expensive. You can make Co2 yourself if you have some time for much less money!

Slecht gekit aquarium

Resealing an Old Aquarium Tank

Do you have an ugly old tank or a leaker? Or just one that you don’t think will hold water? Learn how to seal it yourself in this DIY guide.