Carnegiella strigata – Marbled Hatchetfish

Carnegiella strigata or Marbled Hatchetfish have a very recognizable shape. It is easy to recognize by its large belly, which is reminiscent of an axe. The brown/silver spotted belly has given it its common name.


Carnegiella strigata – Marbled Hatchetfish

The Marbled Hatchetfish has a very recognizable shape. It is easy to recognize by its large belly, which is reminiscent of an axe. The Carnegiella strigata has transparent fins, a brown back and a silver belly with black stripes. The Marbled Hatchetfish owes its name to their brown/silver spotted belly.


Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Peru, Suriname.

The Aquarium

The Marbled Hatchetfish needs plants at the edges of the aquarium. They also appreciate floating plants. Just make sure there is enough open swimming space at the surface. These fish also like a calm current. Make sure to use a tight lid on your aquarium. Hatchetfish are very good jumpers. They can escape through very small holes in your lid. Better to close them all off.


Carnegiella strigata is a calm, peaceful schooling fish. They will wither away if they are kept with too few congeners. Keep them in a group of at least 6 copies, but preferably much more.

They will try to get their food off the surface as much as possible and if they see an insect they can catch, it will certainly be eaten.

Carnegiella strigata - Marbled Hatchetfish
Carnegiella strigata – Marbled Hatchetfish

Breeding Carnegiella strigata – Marbled Hatchetfish

Marbled Hatchetfish can be bred by darkening the aquarium at a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. The eggs will be deposited between the roots of floating plants, after which they will immediately fall to the bottom. Once the eggs have been deposited, it is better to remove the adult Carnegiella strigata so that no eggs are eaten.

The fry must first be fed with the finest dust food available. After a few days, they can eat brine shrimp nauplii.




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