Cephalosilurus fowleri – Rusty Jelly Catfish

Cephalosilurus fowleri is a voracious catfish endemic to some black water rivers of Brazi. It is a sluggish animal that hardly moves and only waits for it’s pray. It grows maximum 48 cm maximum and will eat everything it thinks that will fit the mouth.



Cephalosilurus fowleri

Cephalosilurus fowleri is a voracious catfish native to Brazil. It is found in black water rivers, often with a sediment mud and leaves on the bottom.

The first part of the generic Latin name comes from Greek ‘Cephalos’ meaning head.  And indeed the head of the fish is almost the upper body half. The small eyes on the large head draws further attention to the large head, and the extreme large mouth. Although the catfish grows 48 cm maximum only, it will eat anything it thinks that will fit the mouth. It is best kept alone in the aquarium or with considerably larger and robust fish.

Cephalosilurus fowleri has as spotted rusty color pattern with a yellow basecolor with brown, grey and black blend spots, often roughly arranged in bands. If the basecolor is a a duller yellow chance is that it might be a closely related species C. apurensis that is native to Venezuela. When the catfish becomes mature the colors fade into a grey brown.

Females grow faster and larger and tend to be more aggressive.

fowleri is niet common in the trade.  Although the catfish cannot be described as elegant, is has a certain charm and somewhat chill energy, like there is not anything around that can harm this animal.

Characterics and care are similar to C. apurensis 

Only exceptions are that experiences of aquarists point out that Cephalosilurus fowleri is even more reluctant to leave its shelter. Also they would be somewhat milder when it comes to defending their territory. Last but not least Cephalosilurus fowleri has a somewhat more slender body which makes the ability to launch themselves even faster and further out of their shelter to snatch prey.


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