Channa nox – Night Snakehead

Channa nox is a small snakehead species that is endemic to a small tropical area in Southern China. Probably we will find this species in the aquariumtrade often. Channa nox looks quite similar to C. Asiatica, but requires tropical temperatures during the whole year


Channa nox

Channa nox is a small Snakeheas species that grows maximum 20 cm. As far as known, Channa nox is endemic to an area near the ciy of Behai in China, region Guangxi.

Channa nox

From an aquarist point of view there is not much information available about Channa nox, except for that it looks simililar to Channa asiatica. It can be distinguished from C. Asiatica by a lacking pelvic fin.

Channa nox is found in tropical area’s. In contrary to C. Asiatica a continu watertemperature between 24-26 degrees C is required.

Assumption is that behavour and further requirements are similar to that of C. Asiatica.


Patrick de Pijper

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