Corydoras amapaensis – Amapa Corydoras

Corydoras amapaensis is a peaceful fish that you should keep in a school of at least 6-8. The difference between male and female can be seen in the pectoral fin.


Corydoras amapaensis – Amapa Corydoras

Corydoras amapaensis is a peaceful fish that must be kept in a school of at least 6-8 pieces. The aquarium must be densely planted. Somewhere in the aquarium a space must be left open in which the animals can dig. This part of the substrate must consist of fine sand so that the beard threads are not damaged when foraging for food.

The difference between the male and female is clearly visible in the pectoral fin. The front fin radius of the male is much thicker and darker than that of the females.

This species was first described in 1972 by Nijssen.


Corydoras amapaensis originates from South America. They live in the Rio Oyapock and Rio Amapari basin in Brazil and French Guiana. Corydoras solox also live in the same waters.


It is an omnivore with a preference for small live food. Dry food is also accepted.

Breeding Corydoras amapaensis

Breeding is the same as with most Corydoras species. After a considerable change of water and a drop in temperature, up to 150 eggs are laid. They prefer using a spawning mop or Javamos. After 4-5 days the eggs hatch and another 2-3 days later the fry swim free. The fry can be raised with micro-nematodes and later newly hatched brine shrimp and finely crushed flakes. They grow slowly and need regular water changes.



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