Erethistes jerdoni – Anchor Catfish

Erethistes jerdoni or Anchor Catfish is a small species that can be kept in small tanks as well.


Erethistes jerdoni – Anchor Catfish

The common name for Erethistes jerdoni is: Anchor Catfish. They belong to the family Erethistidae which contains 40 species over 7 different genera. This species is also known as Hara jerdoni, which is a synonym of Erethistes jerdoni. These small fish are suitable to be kept in a community tank. Since Erethistes jerdoni is rather small, it can be kept in an aquarium of 60 cm (23 inch). They are tolerant towards other fish. The large pectoral fins are characteristic for the Anchor catfish. These extend until the end of the dorsal fin. The fish has a brown coloration that can change slightly from light to dark, depending on its mood.


Temperature: 18 – 25 °C (64-77 °F)
GH: 6 – 15
pH: 5.6 – 7.6

In its natural habitat, these fish need to cope with fluctuating temperatures. Keeping these fish at their maximum or minimum temperature is not recommended. Doing so, can affect the lifespan and health of these fish.


Erethistes jerdoni can be found in India and Bangladesh. It occurs in, for example, the river Ganges and the Brahmaputra.


When keeping these fish, it is recommended to avoid placing it along with other bottom dwellers. Shrimps, however, are a suitable option as long as these shrimps are large enough so they are not eaten by Erethistes jerdoni. The aquarium, itself, should be densely planted. These plants are used as shelter. The substrate should consist of sand.


Erethistes jerdoni has been bred in aquariums, but this were accidental spawns. The fry of these fish can be fed with micro worms. Even though the Erethistes jerdoni likes to eat artemia, they find it hard to digest them and this may lead to death.


Anchor Catfish hardly accept fabricated foods. Consequently, life and frozen foods should be provided.


Erethistes jerdoni is rarely found at local fish stores. This is a pity as it is very suitable for small tanks.

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