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Privacy and Ads2

Why are there ads on AquaInfo

The AquaInfo website have a lot of visitors. In fact we have so many visitors our website runs on a dedicated server which costs a lot of money. Want to know how much? Read more about our costs!

Privacy and AquaInfo – what do you do with my info?

We do not sell privacy sensitive information. We do share anonymised information for statistical information and to show personalised ads via the Google Adsense network. More about this can be found on our page about Privacy.

The AquaInfo website2

Account blocked

To prevent hackers from taking over control over your account, we automatically block you from logging in if you make too many login attempts with a wrong password. After 24 hours your account is released automatically.

If you want to gain access sooner, you can sent us the email about being blocked to info@aquainfo.nl. If we are available we will try to give you access to the website.

Why can’t I see the most recent activities?

In order to make the website load faster, AquaInfo uses several caches. These caches create the pages you see, even before you load them, to make sure they load very fast. A disadvantage of this method is that you don't get to see a real time page. Want to know if you missed something? Just refresh your page! On the PC just hit F5, on your mobile the circle arrow in your address bar.

Please respect our copyright. Don`t copy text or images! Please share a link to this page instead.

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