Fundulus lineolatus – Lined Topminnow

Fundulus lineolatus or Lined Topminnow is best kept in a species aquarium. They can grow up to a total length of around 7 centimeters.

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Fundulus lineolatus – Lined Topminnow

Fundulus lineolatus was officially described in 1854 by Agassiz.

It is advisable to keep this peaceful, somewhat shy fish in pairs in a species aquarium. The aquarium must be densely planted at the edges and background, while leaving plenty of free swimming space in the middle. The temperature must not be too high for this species and a lower temperature during the winter period is highly appreciated.


Fundulus lineolatus comes from the United States in North America. They occur from Florida to North Carolina.


Live food should preferably be given as food. However, frozen and dry food is also eaten.

Breeding Fundulus lineolatus

The breeding of Fundulus lineolatus is fairly simple. The eggs are regularly laid in spawning mop and fertilized. The very large eggs must be removed regularly as the parents eat the eggs. The photosensitive eggs must be kept somewhat dark at a temperature no higher than 24 degrees Celsius. The fry hatch after 14-16 days. They can be raised with newly hatched brine shrimp.


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