Ladigesia roloffi – Jelly Bean Tetra

Ladigesia roloffi is a very timid, peaceful and small schooling fish, suitable for aquariums with peaceful species. They need soft and slightly acidic water.


Ladigesia roloffi

Ladigesia roloffi is a tetra species that is endemic to the Kasewe Forest in Sierra Leone. Also a population in Liberia is known. The species is listed as an endangered species because of the loss of natural habitat. It is said that 97% of its natural habitat had been lost.

Ladigesia roloffi is a small (maximum 31 mm) tetra. It should be kept in a group of a mininum 8-10 specimens. It is easy to care for and the fish are are atractive. Larger specimens develop bright color orange to red fins.


Needs an aquarium with densely planted area’s and tempered lighting (consider driftplants). A dark bottom and some current in area’s are appreciated. Soft and somewhat acid water is necessary. Ladigesia roloffi is sensitive to fluctuations in waterquality and should not be kept in a relatively new aquarium that is not settled yet. The small size makes this species not suitable for most communitytanks.

If sticking to the natural habitat is important for you if it comes to choosing tankmates, these other species form Kasawe Forest are an option: Epiplatys annulatus, Scriptaphyosemion chaytori, Pelvicachromis humilis, Mochokiella paynei en Notoglanidium thomasi


All small live of dried food for aquariumfish will be accepted.

Breeding Ladigesia roloffi – Jelly Bean Tetra

Reproduction of Ladigesia roloffi in the aquarium is difficult but possible. Very soft and acid water is necessary. The eggs are laid and fertilized nearby the bottom and between highly feathered vegetation. The highest number of young fish can be raised by placing a net at the bottom and removing the parents. De young are very sensitive to changes in waterparameters, best is to postpone all waterchantes for several weeks. The small young need the smallest sized food that is available. Chances are best if the aquarium is settled for a long time with a higher density of micro-organism. Microorganism can be added by squeezing flaps of algae.



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