Neolamprologus cunningtoni

Neolamprologus cunningtoni is a hunter from Lake Tanganyika. They usually swim above the sand looking for fish that they can eat.


Neolamprologus cunningtoni

Neolamprologus cunningtoni is a rather predatory species that feeds on smaller cichlids. It is therefore best to keep it together with larger cichlid species and catfish. The aquarium must be decorated with rocks to create caves. Plants such as Giant Vallisneria can also be used as decoration. Regular, substantial water changes and good filtering are highly recommended.

This species was officially described in 1906 by George Albert Boulenger.


Lake Tanganyika; this species is found in almost the entire lake. They usually live solitary and swim just above the sand. Here they hunt for fish.


This species is a hunter. They prefer live food. After habituation you can also give frozen food.

Breeding Neolamprologus cunningtoni

I have not been able to find much about breeding in the aquarium. They make large crater nests in the wild, even when there are rocks nearby that could serve as protection. In the aquarium they also try this but often the aquarium is too small for a decent crater nest. They then deposit the eggs on the glass or on a rock. Both parents protect the nest and fry.



Jan Bukkems – Aquavisie

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