Pogostemon helferi – Downoi

With sufficient light, nutrients and Co2, Pogostemon helferi forms a nice attractive carpet. It is also known as Downoi. A great foreground aquarium plant.

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Pogostemon helferi – Downoi

Pogestemon helferi has a very special appearance and has been discovered in Thailand. This plant is also known as Downoi. Translated into English this means Little Star.


The Pogestemon helferi is a compact plant with very beautiful, finely serrated leaves and a special green colour. Aquarium enthusiasts around the globe really like this plant!

With sufficient light and conditions, the plant will remain low and it will also quickly produce shoots, which makes for a surprisingly green field in the aquarium. The shoots soon get some roots of their own. You can leave them or just cut the shoot and replant it. When the plant gets a lot of light, it stays low. The plant can optionally be tied to wood or rocks.

It does best when adding CO2 and plant fertiliser. If the leaves turn a bit yellow, it is a sign that there is some iron deficiency. This can be remedied by adding some extra iron.


The plant propagates by means of newly created shoots. These can be pruned and replanted.

Pay attention

The plant is loved by apple snails, who like to eat the whole plant away (even if they are not plant-eating apple snails).




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